“La Bodega”(fork) is located in the main square of Villanueva de Sijena, next to the parochial church of late-gothic style. The name of the Restaurant has its origin in the old cellar which was restored by their owners with the initial idea to use it like a meeting place, to talk, cook and drink wine with friends. After a while, the idea of establishing a restaurant came to the minds of its proprietors and thus, in 1994, the Restaurant opened its doors to the public. The original room of the Restaurant is decorated in stone and wood and stands out by its cozy fireplace. This room was constructed recalling the Romanesque style, using for it carved stone and respecting the Romanic-slyle arch that crowns an entrance of more than 500 years of antiquity.
Comedor original del Restaurante-
Vista general del comedor principal

The success of the Restaurant led its owners to enlarge its facilities with the construction of two new rooms. The first new room, with capacity for 70 people, is acclimated in a Greco-roman style and decorated with an exquisite taste. Their corners are adorned with busts of nymphs and their columns finished in “trabertino” marble. A mural painting with classic motives in one of its walls and the Romanic arches confer a unique personality to this room. Under the level of ground, there is a medieval cellar that has been perfectly restored and which conserves all the enchantment of the old times. This room has capacity for 60 people and it is used for celebrations and private meetings.

“La Bodega” offers to its clients a symbiotic menu that combines modernity with the traditional Aragonese kitchen. The typical traditional stews that include the Salmorrejo (a combination of sausage, egg and pork shops) which is cooked using the “furnaces” of our grandmothers. Another specialty of the letter is the Ternasco*, a mellow lamb slowly roasted with potatoes “a lo pobre” (to the poor style) in a stone oven; the Ternasco is cooked in chunks, with water, oil, garlic, pepper, potatoes and laurel.

The taste of this meat is unique thanks to the careful pasturing of lambs in the countryside of Aragón. “La Bodega” also offers dishes with a touch of modern cuisine, such the small drum of shrips with nuts and the dough base with young pigeon soufflé and mushrooms. Finally, the menu is completed with succulent desserts such as the pyramid of chocolate mouse, the warm soufflé or the iced creams.

Since its foundation, “La Bodega” has received several awards in recognition of its excellent cuisine. In 2000 and 2001, the Restaurant was awarded the “Gold Plate”. In 2003, in the famous Parisian Lido, the “Medal of the Spanish Gastronomy” was awarded to “La Bodega”. Finally, also in 2003, the Restaurant received its most appraised award to date: the “Chamberlain Gold Necklace”.

Entrada principal

These awards hang on the walls of the Restaurant, but, as the personnel of “La Bodega” contend: “It is said that after a good meal happiness is greater, and we are delighted to make people happy with our daily work”.

And, in effect, it is worthy of praise to see that in this small town of Monegros the desire to offer a high quality service to clients along with the spirit to overcome difficulties is rooted so deeply in some of their people. Theirs is the future...

Contact Information: Restaurante "La Bodega"
Plaza de España, s/n
22231 Villanueva de Sijena (Huesca)
Telephone:(+34) 974 57 81 87
*For Ternasco, please call in advance
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Written by Sergio Baches Opi and Andrés Galindo Blecua. Translated by Sergio Baches Opi - Photos by César Calavera Opi
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