On July 10th, 2002, his Royal Highness, Prince Felipe, inaugurated the house where Michael Servetus was born in 1511. After a lengthy restoration (the house was almost in ruins before), the inauguration of the house fulfilled a long standing ambition of the Members of the Michael Servetus Institute and the citizens of Villanueva de Sijena, birthplace of Servetus.

The House of Michael Servetus is now a research center which has become a reference point for all those wanting to study Servetus’ life and works. It is also a living monument to the memory of Servetus from which the Institute spreads the values which inspired the life of Servetus, and preserves them for future generations.


Upon entering the house, visitors can contemplate the hall which was typical of the houses that were owned by the so-called “infanzones” (lower Aragonian nobility). In this room, the floor (made of small cobblestones), the wine and oil cisterns, and the natural fridge tank have been carefully restored.
The old stall has been converted into the conference room of the house. In this room the place to crush grapes to make wine and the cistern have been preserved.

From the ground floor, a set of stairs leads us to the former wine cellar, now converted into a projection room in which visitors can watch a 20-minute video which describes vividly and with great plasticity Servetus’ life and time.


This floor contains several panels with photographs and explanations of Servetus’ life and works. They are organized in such a way as to provide visitors with a detailed introduction to Servetus’ life and times. On this floor, visitors can also contemplate a reproduction of a XVI Century chemical laboratory and a pharmacy.


On the first floor, we find one of the most important rooms in of the House. The library of the Michael Servetus Institute contains one of the most comprehensive collections of documents, books and photographs related to Michael Servetus and the Royal Monastery of Sijena. The Library is open to all researchers submitting sufficient credentials and showing an interest in studying Servetus’ legacy or the history of the Monastery of Sijena. Computer facilities are available, including a printer and a scanner.


The former barn is now a room used for exhibitions. When no exhibitions of paintings are being held, visitors can contemplate an exhibition of photographs related to the Monastery of Sijena.


Weekends: Saturdays, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and from 5 to 7 pm. Sundays: from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Public holidays: from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Closed Christmas, New Year Day and October 12th - National Holiday.
Groups: contact with the Council of Villanueva to schedule your visit.
City Council Tel.: + 34 974 57 81 37
Price:€ 2 /per person. Senior citizens (retired): € 1.50/per person. Children from 12 to 13: € 1.50/per peson.
Groups (at least 10 people): € 1.50/per person. Schools: € 1/per person-student.

Written and translated by Sergio Baches Opi

July 10, 2002 was a remarkable day for the members of the Michael Servetus Institute and the citizens of Villanueva de Sijena. His Royal Highest Prince Felipe de Borbón, Prince of Asturias and Gerona, came to Villanueva accepting the invitation of the Civil Council of the town to inaugurate de house of Michael Servetus after its restoration.His Royal Highnest gave a warm and solid speech in the main square of Villanueva and the authorities of the region attending the event. Prince Felipe de Borbón referred to Michael Servetus as a Spanish humanist who left Spain to join the religious debate which was taken place in central Europe, and who influenced with his rational attitude the development of science and philosophy.


The Michael Servetus Institute wants to thank His Royal Highnest for visiting us in this important day for the Michael Servetus Institute. His presence shows the special sensibility of the Crown towards those areas of Spain which normally do not draw the attention of the public administrations.

Written by Sergio Baches Opi and César Calavera Opi - Translated by Sergio Baches Opi


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